WEDNESDAY JUNE 14th, 2023 15:00-16:00

“Heal our Planet with Hallelujah 500!” – formerly named “Spray and Pray for the Earth!” – is a global biodynamic and eurythmy initiative open to all the farmers, gardeners, eurythmists, eurythmy lovers, and anyone concerned for our Mother Earth. We employ biodynamic preparations and eurythmy for an approximately 24 hour period towards healing our Planet Earth.

On June 14th, farmers and gardeners start stirring the horn manure preparation (prep.500)* from 15:00 in each country. During this one hour, eurythmists and eurythmy lovers join the farmers with the eurythmy movement “Hallelujah”, and people pray for our Planet to strengthen the preparation. For nearly 24 hours, a truly powerful energy will be emitted from the Earth to heal. *If you are new to the preparation, please contact your country’s National Biodynamic Association office for its introduction.

 “Heal our Planet with Hallelujah 500!” was initiated from the impulse acquired by one biodynamic farmer. She experienced special stirrings of the preparation 500 with the eurythmy “Hallelujah” (for the full story, read here). At her instigation, the first international biodynamic and eurythmy action, formerly named “Spray and Pray for the Earth!”, was held on January 22nd, 2020. Many people around the world participated: from Brazil, Germany, Japan, South Africa, U.K., Taiwan, U.S., and the other countries. At Steiner Schools students performed “Hallelujah” with biodynamic farmers. Eurythmists and farmers coordinated collaborative community events. Gatherings were held at churches where priests and people sincerely prayed for our Planet Earth.

A great many participants had positive experiences, which has led to the continuation of the initiative. The second event was held on Whitsun weekend on May 30th, 2020. The event website was created to encourage the thriving of this action by a volunteer web-designer in South Africa. Many people in 37 countries viewed the site in less than one week. The website allowed us to share our experience: a Eurythmist in Japan performed 49 “Hallelujah”s during the hour while moving in the form of a five-pointed star. A hobby gardener in the U.S. challenged her first preparation, a farmer in Ireland spoke the last mantra of the Foundation Stone Meditation into the vortex as he stirred and a recently moved farmer in the U.K. joined the event for the first 500 on her new farm. She did a eurythmy “Hallelujah” by herself before and after the stirring. There was even a large-scale commercial farmer in Germany who stirred and sprayed not only the 500 but also the 501(silica preparation)! The preparations have a lot more potential that we can explore for the sake of our Planet Earth.  

So here we are again!

Let’s act together to save our Earth! 

When and how do we take action? 

On June 14th, 2023, farmers and gardeners start stirring the horn manure preparation and spread it afterward. The stirring lasts one hour. Eurythmists and eurythmy lovers perform “Hallelujah” and people pray for our Planet Earth for as long as you feel appropriate in this hour. If the time is inconvenient, you can adjust it since there will be people participating in other time zones.

What do we do to join the event?

You are encouraged to register on the site and activate your participation on the day of the event. By registering, you can enjoy the followings:

・You will receive a reminder of the event with nice photos taken by event participants.

・You can share your experience of the event at the forum after the event.

・You truly encourage us, the event volunteers, to devote our energy on this event!


 What is Biodynamic Farming?

Biodynamic farming is the oldest organic certified farming system (certified by Demeter). It was founded in 1924 by Rudolf Steiner through the inquisition of a handful of German farmers who were back then concerned about the degrading soil fertility (around that time, the first artificial fertilizers appeared). Steiner gave on Whitsun 1924 the introductory lecture of a week-long lecture series, where he introduced the totally new and unconventional way to farm – until today.

Visit Geotheanum Section for Agriculture to find out more.

Photos Wanted

If you could share your event photos to be on a future event flyer, reminder email, and /or on the website, please send your images with a comment to the coordinator (sprayandpray500 @ gmail.com, please remove spaces before and after the @).

Help Wanted

If you are interested in helping with this website and promotion of the event in the future (e.g. website technical support, English proofreading, or translation from English into different languages), please contact the coordinator.