Special stirring experience

“Special stirring experience” which became the seed of “Heal our Planet with Halleluiah 500!”

During the holy nights, on December 26th and 27th in 2018, one biodynamic farmer in Japan stirred and sprayed the preparation 500 on her farm. She had stirred the preparations over 150 times in her life. However, these two days were different from the previous ones. During the stirring hour, she was accompanied by two eurythmists who traveled from afar. Stirring began with three “Halleluiah” movements by the eurythmists. This was repeated every ten minutes throughout the hour (She was taught that the first eurythmy gesture Steiner demonstrated was “Halleluiah” for the Earth).

How was the stirring? Marvelous!

She truly enjoyed the pleasant sensations that she had never experienced before. Even the mixture in the pot behaved differently.

This is not the end of the story. On the last day of the holy nights, she stirred the preparation by herself at the usual place. It was how she had always experienced it. Eleven days later, again the same stirring. Then on the following day, on January 17th, 2019, she thought of moving the pot to the place where the “Halleluiah” stirrings were done. Surprisingly, she found that the energy from the special stirrings still filled the space even after three weeks.  

In the 2019 season, she could not take care of the farm as much as before due to her health condition and one of the fields was nearly abandoned. However, regardless of the least amount of work in the fields, she had the best crops since the farm opening in 2013. She thought of this unexpected fortune as a result of the seven-years-of-biodynamic farming, the vitality of her own seeds, and/or the favorable weather conditions. But as time progressed, it became clear that the effect of the ‘500’ with the eurythmy “Halleluiah” was the answer to the magical season. She began to think “How powerful would it be if we continued the stirring with the eurythmy and praying for 24 hours?” Truly powerful energy must be emitted from the Earth. This gave her a confirmation that we, as biodynamic farmers, could apply this powerful remedy, the Halleluiah 500, to heal our planet Earth who is crying and angry with the present conditions.

She could not resist and proposed the idea of “Spray and Pray for the Earth!”, the former event title of “Heal our Planet with Halleluiah 500!”. It became a global biodynamic action held on January 22nd, 2020.