May 30th event forum

  1.   Hallo Anna, thank´s for your answer. If we have any more questions we will let you know! Best regards,…

  2. Oi, Ilana, sou brasileira sim haha de Belo Horizonte. Muito legal que vocês tenham participado do evento e tenham aparecido…

  3. Hi Naluisa, …tenho um girassol nos olhos… Are you a brasilian woman? My "Hallelujah 500" group, around Marilia Barreto, is…

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may 30th experience


14 thoughts on “May 30th event forum

  1. I did Hallelujah with the 5 pointed Star form during 16:00~
    17:00 in Japan. 48 times for moving and Last one is imaginary.
    Thank you very much for suggesting this action !

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    1. Dear Akico,

      Thank you very much for your 49 “Hallelujah”s!
      It did work so positively on my stirring.
      I am very sorry for taking a long time for your comment to be posted. I did not know that each comment needs to be human approved to be published.

      My question!
      How do a moving and an imaginary “Hallelujah” work differently?
      I would very much appreciate it if you could tell us. I am hoping this space to be informative to make the event more effective.

      Best wishes,

      Event coordinator


      1. Thank you for your reply. It was a very shining and warm early summer afternoon. The wind blew with the sound of the leaves white birches…peacefully. The last one of Hallelujah which I did inwardly was so different. It was powerful. And it was nice to finish with. I felt more impressing into my deep inside not only physical I think all I can say.


      2. It sounds a very powerful way to immerse yourself. With 49 Hallelujahs in 60 min., you hardly had any interval. Thank you for your contribution!


    1. Hello Maria,

      Thank you very much for your participation and comment!!!
      Le’ts keep in touch for this initiative to grow further!

      Best wishes,

      Event Coordinator

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  2. whenever I stir I speak the last mantra of the Foundation Stone Meditation into the vortex (… at the turning point of time …) … this is to communicate to the earth and the soil the motivation behind my action. For me that constitutes a kind of prayer. I usually do this once in the first half hour and once in the second half of the hour. Glorious day in Dingle, the westernmost point on the Eurasian continental shelf. Six years ago I was on the easternmost point of this continental shelf, in Chiba Province in Japan visiting my godmother. Thank you for taking the initiative, Christoph

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  3. Dear Christoph,

    Big gratitude for participating and sharing your experience.
    Reciting the mantra into vortex seems very powerful I would love to try next time. I often sing out any tunes come through me and mediate.

    Earth without any water was something I really wanted to see during my study a long time ago. A very nice way to connect with your godmother.

    Hope to hear from you again on the next one!

    Best wishes,

    Event Coordinator


  4. I am so grateful that one farmer from Pfeiffer center garden in NY State agreed to do this project with me ! Three other eurythmists who love gardens and farming got together for Hallelujah!

    It was a marvelous day with a blue sky and gentle breeze. We were right next to new born calves. Everything was so beautiful.

    We talked a lot about the preparation and elemental beings and gnomes.

    At the end while the water was still moving we did the Hallelujah for the 7th time (means 21 Hallelujahs all together) and the farmer also joined the last round.
    It was amazingly serene and very quite Hallelujah !!!

    We sprayed the preparation together under the early summer sky.

    It was such an honor as a eurythmist that we could work together with people from other areas of vocation.

    Thank you!!!

    Yoko Toyota


    1. Dear Yoko and her friends,

      Thank you all for your great way of joining the event and sharing it with us!
      Reading your comment made me realize how fortunate we are to be on this earth with people, animals, and plants, and what we gain from such fortune is all up to us. Congratulations on creating a marvelous time and space to help the Earth in your life!

      Best wishes,

      Event Coordinator


  5. Dear friends of the earth,
    I sprayed the preparation in North Germany near Bremen. While doing it I felt very sad about the pain of the animals. I m a gardener and normally not very busy with animals, so it was quite special for me. Why do we have any mantra or preparation /homöopathica for the pain of the animals in the world?

    Thanks for this working together. It is a great honor for me to work with you all together.

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    1. Dear Annette,

      Vielen Dank!
      You had a special time with the prep. For me, the 500 seems to work to harmonize the space. The Earth means not only the soil but also the planet earth including the whole nature in the ground and above the ground. As I was thinking about your msg, I remembered about my first spray of the 500 on my farm in the spring of 2013. On the second evening after the spray, I heard an owl peacefully hooted. On the following morning, my neighbor told me that there had not been any owls for a long time. 
      How you felt and what you thought might have been a Whitsun message for you. 

      Best wishes, 
      Event Coordinator   


  6. Yes, thanks for the initiative.

    Since last Christmas we live at Sturts community trust (UK) -BD farm and co-housing. I had the 500 preparation ready for our garden, but had not stirred or sprayed it yet. Reading about the spray and pray initiative I immediately decided that would be the day!
    I started just before 16:00 with the eurythmy Hallelujah, then stirred for an hour, and finished at 17:00 with the eurythmy Hallelujah.
    In the eurythmy the L’s felt different before and after the stirring. I can’t really put it into words, but think it had something to do with the connection built after an hour to the event around the world.
    The stirring was amazing. The water/preparation felt hard/resistant to start off, then became velvety, and at the end silky. The vortex and chaos intensified and both formed quicker throughout the hour.

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    1. Dear Jessie,

      Congratulations for your first 500 on a special day!
      I am so happy about what you experienced. Yes, the water with the prep. really behaves differently. It is amazing, isn’t it? You were very fortunate to have a Hallelujah experience, too. I should brush up my eurythmy and would like to try your way next time.
      I truly believe that the preps have more potential which we as BD farmers should explore further.
      Keep in touch,

      Warm regards,

      Event Coordinator


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